Aligners help move teeth and have a short life span about ( 2-3 weeks) due to the elastic properties of the plastic deteriorating over time. After they have moved the teeth to the desired position they tend to loose their ideal properties can ill fitting and often break. It is for these reasons aligners should not be used as long term retainers.

If they are used then  relapse is often the result. Retainers are specially fabricated passive appliances made fro different polymers and need to be placed after aligner therapy to hold the teeth in the desired position.

Retainer Options

1.Fixed bonded retainers. Usually reliable but can break if not made from the correct type of wire or constructed correctly. Must be completely passive or tooth movement will occur. Can have hygiene issues.

2. Removable Wire and Acrylic (eg Hawley) Difficult to construct and can be expensive. Bulky for patient.

3.Thermoformed These types of invisible retainers are often made “In House” with outdated vacuum equipment. The problem is they have a limited life and often distort or break easily.

The reality is for retainers the best type is one which the patient will wear.

From research most patients are attracted to the invisible type of retainer but up until now it has suffered from design, material and processing problems and in need constant replacement.

Click retainers are custom crafted from the finest materials.  We have various designs and can even make retainers to fit over fixed retainers and include pontics.

We also offer a retainer subscription service where one yearly fee is paid and replacement retainers are sent directly to the patient saving you expensive “chair time”.  It’s the most economical way to supply retainers to your patient.