Got Questions? Here are the answers to the most common ones.

Q.Aligners feel very tight is this normal?

A.When aligners are first put in they should feel tight, this is normal and they will feel more comfortable in a very short time. When aligners feel loose it does not mean they are not working it is important to keep wearing them for the prescribed time.

Q. Will aligners hurt?

A.It is common to have some discomfort in the first few days after fitting new aligners but it will pass quickly. Some take temporary pain relief if required. This is common with all orthodontic treatment.

Q.What happens if an aligner is broken or cracked?

A.If the aligner has been worn for about 10 days or more move to the next aligner if possible. If less than 10 days wear the previous aligner until a new one can be made.

Q.How long should aligners be worn for?

A.24/7 only take them out to eat, drink hot liquids, to brush and floss. Of course special occasions can be aligner free. Unless instructed otherwise each aligner is worn for 2 weeks.

Q. Speech is slightly affected by the aligners.

A.Some people find their speech is affected when wearing their aligners but this will be temporary and your mouth will quickly adapt.

Q.How are aligners

cleaned ?

A.With a soft toothbrush and mild detergent is best. We also recommend Polident cleansing tablets.


Q. How are Aligner Chewies cleaned ?

A.Aligner Chewies are easily cleaned with hot water and a mild detergent, then rinsed. To freshen them soak in mouthwash for a few minutes.

Q. How do you store aligners when not in use.

A.Always store the aligners in the case provided in a cool place. Rinse the aligners well with water before returning them to their case