Truline has been manufacturing invisible aligners for years and have experienced the odd case not going as expected. These are the most common problems we have found.

The No 1 problem for failure of treatment is poor patient compliance.

If the patient is not committed to full time wear the aligners will not work.

In most cases if the treatment is not continuing on track the patient is more than likely not wearing the aligners as prescribed.

Part time wear will yield no results and just damage the aligners. If you have a patient that is always breaking aligners or obviously wearing aligners but tooth movement is minimal it is reasonable to suspect compromised compliance.

Length of Sequence Issues

All aligners need to be worn for 2 weeks, at least 22 hours per day.

Do not give your patients too many aligners at one time. Some may tend to wear each aligner not the prescribed length of time and try to “hurry”  the process. The only thing it will speed up is certain failure. Monitor wearing times carefully with all patients..a journal may help.

Broken Aligners

If the patient has a broken aligner try and get them to move forward to the next aligner depending on how long the previous aligner has been worn for, this will often solve the issue.

We can replace broken aligners in a matter of days in most cases where necessary. Note the number of the aligner and also try and find the reason for breakage. Regular broken aligners from the same patient is reason for concern.

No Retention

As soon as aligner therapy is concluded it is imperative a retention plan is implemented.

If retention is not used the teeth will move back to the original position in most cases.

We manufacture and recommend Click brand retainers..and they can also be used in conjunction with fixed retainers.