Possibly the most important part of aligner production is the impression !

For Impressions Intra Oral Scans are the best most reliable way we can receive a patients impression. Most brands of Intra Oral Scanners are supported by Truline.

You can also send us model scans from any lab scanner.

Of course not everyone has an Intra Oral Scanner or model scanner  so you may be able to send poured models from PVS impressions to your local Truline sales representative.

It is most important that we receive accurate impressions regardless how thay are taken as this will directly influence the outcome of the case. Pay particular attention to all the tooth anatomy and at least 4mm of gingival anatomy.

If you are sending poured PVS impressions to your sales agent please ensure  the models are poured in hard diestone and there are no broken teeth present.

Alginate impressions are not recommended for aligner impressions.

For Best Results use an Intra Oral Scanner .


Use models poured from quality PVS impressions and have these scanned.