Correct case selection is critical for success and for simplicity we have divided it into four categories.

Category 1  Basic Cases

Minor Crowding

Minor Spacing

Pre Restorative Minor Alignment

Mild deep Bite Correction

Mild single tooth anterior cross bite

Minor Intrusion

Mild Arch Development

Minor Orthodontic Relapse

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Case Examples

1. Minor Crowding Upper

2. Minor Crowding Lower

3. Minor Spacing Upper

4. Minor Spacing Occlusal View Upper

5. Minor Spacing Lower

6. Minor Spacing Occlusal View Lower

7. Upper Anterior Rotations

8. Lower Anterior Rotations

9. Simple Crossbites

10. Mild deep Bite

11. Mild Orthodontic Relapse

12. Minor Intrusion

Category 2  Moderate Cases

Advanced Crowding

Advanced Spacing

Lower Incisor extraction

Pre Surgical Alignment

Post Surgical Alignment

Advanced  Anterior Crossbite

Advanced Deep Bite Correction

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1. Advanced Crowding Upper

2. Advanced Crowding Lower

3. Advanced Anterior Crossbite

5. Intrusion

4. Lower Anterior Extraction

6. Advanced Deep Bite

Category 3 Difficult Cases

Extrusion / Open Bites

Rotation of Round Teeth

Posterior Cross Bites

Catagory 4  Most Difficult Cases

Large AP movements

Bicuspid Extraction

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Case Examples

1. Extrusion

2. Open Bite

3. Rotation of Round Teeth

4. Posterior Cross Bite

5. Large AP Movements

6. Bicuspid Extraction

For more information on Case Selection please consult the TRULINE MANUAL