Some background information on OPTIONAL Vibration Therapy

In various scientific studies over the past ten years or so, use of various vibration techniques have been tested as a means to stimulate tooth movement.

In 2010, a Marquette University study, was conducted which was based on 36 mice and the use of orthodontic forces combined with vibrations. Their conclusions were most interesting. Their pilot data suggested that mechanical vibration accelerates orthodontic tooth movement.

Recently devices have come to the dental market that facilitate this sort of therapy however the cost is often prohibitive to the patient usually adding $1000 or more to the orthodontic treatment.

At Truline, we have taken to a novel approach by optionally recommending the daily use of inexpensive electronic vibrating devices.

These include vibrating toothbrushs and vibrating mouthpieces that are very inexpensive, no more than abot $40

The patient actively vibrates the teeth with the aligners in place for 10 minutes a day and a noticeable enhancement of tooth movement will usually occur.

It’s safe, effective and patient compliance is generally good. This is especially helpful for adult patients.

Some people also report pain relief from using a dental vibration device on their teeth.