Here are some examples of very effective enhanced aligners

Aligners can be used in conjunction with hooks, elastics, buttons, screws and other auxiliaries to help in difficult situations. In this case a button is bonded to the buccal of the tooth to be translated to assist with root control. An elastic joins the button to a hook on the aligner.

A lingual button bonded to the tooth and a hook on labial of the aligner joined with an elastic to help extrude a tooth.

Hooks are placed on the buccal and lingual of the aligner. Slots are cut in the incisal of the aligner over the tooth to be intruded.

The elastic is stretched between the hooks and into the cut grooves, this will help in the intrusion of the tooth.

The i-expander has been a very successful and exclusive product for Truline. Gently develop arches prior to alingneruse with this screw driven mechanism. Avoids tipping of teeth and can gain up to 3mm of space.

* Not available in all countries

Other examples of enhanced aligners include:

★ Aligners with integrated expansion screws.

★ Aligners with integrated wire springs.

★ Aligners with integrated Quad Helix Appliance.

★ Metal reinforced aligners

★ Aligners with prosthetic teeth embedded

It is most important to have optimal patient co-operation and care when enhanced aligners are used. Usage instructions must be strictly adhered to or it is likely the outcome with be less than favourable.