A Quick Guide - Truline Aligners

Truline Invisible Aligners are carefully handcrafted in Australia and Asia Each aligner is a combination of the latest proprietary design, highest quality patented medical grade polymers and cutting edge high pressure thermoforming technology.

OF course all aligners are inspected hand finished for that human touch!


1.Clear aligners that are hardly detectible.

2.Inbuilt maximum movement per aligner meaning more efficient and more economical aligners.

3.Intimate fit, smooth edges and in variouscustom  trims to suit the particular case.

4.Moulded Identification in every aligner.

5. Virtual Track models provided with every case.

Truline technology allows greater effective movement per aligner, greater movement means less aligners, less aligners means a less expensive and more efficient aligner system.

Fitting Truline Aligners

1. Patient positions aligner to fit over teeth, either upper or lower.

2.Patient pushes gently with fingers on both sides to seat aligner.

3. Aligner will fit in place. It is common that the aligner will need final seating with Aligner Chewies.

(See "Chewies" section)

Truline Aligner Removal

1.The Truline Aligner removal tool may be helpful removing aligners initially.

It has a hook at one end for upper aligners and a bar at the other for use with lower aligners.

2.Hook the tool onto the aligner at the back teeth and apply a small amount of pressure. The aligner will unclip from that side.

Do the same to the other side and the aligner with dislodge. Over time the aligner will be easier to insert and remove and the patient will be able to do this without the tool and just use their fingernails.