What is the Truline Invisible Orthodontic System?

The Truline Invisible Orthodontic System is a unique system that gently moves the teeth to a more ideal position, cosmetically, functionally or both using a series of removable clear appliances called aligners.

The aligners are aesthetically pleasing for image conscious patients and can be removed for eating, brushing, flossing and the odd social event. Truline is perfect for many types of cases.

Full time wear

Aligners are worn full time, that's 24/7. Part time wear will yield no results as the teeth will be constantly moving back during the times the aligners are not worn just as a rubber band springs back when tension is released.


Each aligner has an exact pre-programmed amount of movement built in and is worn by the patient for approximately 2 weeks. This pre programming is carried out using computer scans and standard proven dental technologies.

The patient wears the aligners in the correct sequence for the appropriate treatment time until the teeth have moved to the desired position.


Essentially the patient is issued more aligners at each check up visit and wears these aligners until the following check up where the next few sets of aligners is issued. Recommended check up visits are about every 5-6 weeks.

This continues until the treatment is concluded.

Interproximal Reduction

Interproximal Reduction (stripping) may be required in some circumstances to reduce the mesio distal width of certain teeth to allow space for the teeth to move.

Intrusion and extrusion is possible with aligners but may be limited in some cases.

Some teeth may require composite attachments to aid in the retention of the aligners and/or movement of certain teeth.

Upper, Lower or Both

The upper and lower arches can be treated, the upper arch only, or the lower arch on their own if appropriate can be treated as well.


At the conclusion of treatment retainers, either fixed or removable must be worn to maintain the teeth in the current position.

Retention is a long term proposition and if this step is not adhered to the teeth will move back, often to the original position before treatment.

We manufacture and recommend Click brand retainers.